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The Mag Mob is a coalition of female and non-binary identifying publishers developing an inclusive, intersectional, and creative space in which to foster collaborative growth and protect the sanctity of free speech via independent progressive media.

Comprised of several small press publications dedicated to the advancement of media representing marginalized communities, The Mag Mob banded together out of a mutual respect for our individual accomplishments and efforts, bonded by our understanding that we are stronger together than we are apart. We are eager to channel our years of combined publishing and community-building experience into an incubator for feminist media projects and makers, individuals or groups whose visions and values are forward-thinking, action-oriented, and striving for social justice, as well as support each other as we continue to embark on our growth as publishers.

With each project individually specializing in different subject matter, we are able to offer a broad spectrum of services, events, and activities to engage the public. We will be organizing weekly workshops for creatives looking to expand their business know-how, deepen their understanding of publishing and producing media, and engage in constructive brainstorming sessions. Readings, art shows, zine fairs, and panels and discussions will showcase content from upcoming publications created over the course of the residency. Salons will encourage artists, writers, performers, creators, and more to meet and share ideas and progress. During regular hours, visitors will be encouraged to interact with the residency members as we assemble upcoming issues of our individual magazines, and to expose themselves to the burgeoning future of feminist independent media.

Each project possesses distinct digital exposure, and has built community through one-off events, however we work to establish a different type of tangible presence in a creatively thriving part of the city none of us have yet breached. Engaging with this community consistently in real time, building creative bonds and diminishing barriers between important voices and projects and their audiences will be pivotal in our efforts to create a united front in the face of journalistic and fundamental uncertainty. We want to extend an opportunity to those interested to learn from us while we continue to learn from each other. The way forward is together.